Fitness Programs Social Platform

Workout and Fitness Programs as Utility NFT
VitalVeda marketplace, just like any other NFT marketplace requires users to register on the platform thereby giving them access to view different fitness workout and exercise programs, where they can sort through by filtering the listed assets in alignment with their choice, they can see the rankings, most bought assets, recent sales that will assist them in making their choice. VitalVeda users can participate in this platform as a buyer. Using the tokens they earn from their participation, they can purchase fitness NFT programs from the marketplace.
Users may view and select the workout Program by visiting the Video programs listed and filtering the best to their needs. A percentage of the Revenue will be rewarded to Fitness instructors for creating the workout content as a share revenue model.
Each Fitness program has ranking, review and comments from users which can view and position the ranking of the video in the chart of Best programs voted by users.