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VitalVEDA Mission

Advantages Over Existing Fitness Apps
As part of our mission to enhance our user's physical fitness and well-being, they can earn VVFIT tokens and interact with other like-minded individuals globally.
VitalVEDA is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that combines AR & AI technologies to create a virtual world for engaging in activities that can improve your well-being - your health and fitness. As a VitalVEDA user, you can engage in physical activity-related programs with others from across the globe and earn VVFIT tokens while staying healthy.
You can use the tokens to purchase additional in-game incentives and gamified mechanics like Metaverse, which have a tangible impact on your in-game experience. The token's usefulness will be realized by forming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which will transform the community input into community governance. Even the most casual gamer holding VVFIT tokens will have a voice in what happens with the VitalVEDA ecosystem.

Identification of Target Audience Groups

VitalVEDA's target audience consists of these main groups:
  • People who are looking to get in shape and need some motivation
  • People who are already active and would like to track their fitness progress
  • People looking for a new workout routine
  • People who travel often and need a fitness app that can accommodate their mobile schedule
  • People with chronic health conditions or injuries who need to be mindful of their physical activities
  • People who are looking for a social support system for their workout
  • People who like to compete with others
  • People who are dissatisfied with their current fitness apps.