🟑Our Team

Meet the team revolutionizing the fitness tech market by developing our innovative solution for the fitness app market!

The core team comprises individuals with diverse expertise in fitness training, AI development, Web3 technologies, and business management. Their collective skills align perfectly with the vision of integrating technology with fitness to create a global impact and revolutionize the industry.

Founders team:

Amir Neghabian-CEO & Founder

Araik Tsaturyan- Finance & Investment Executive

Anna Malkhasyan-Business Development Executive

Dr. Leaug Imparable Crypto & WBE3 Marketing Manager

Core team:

Alireza Naeimi Mehr Project Manager

Mathew Zein-Senior Content Writer

Lucy Mheryan-Senior UX/UI Designer

Shushan Gevorgyan-Lead Designer

Nerses Khachatryan-Corporate Partnership Manager

Darya Leshkevich - Senior UX/UI Product Designer

Nina Neghabian-Medical and Fitness Expert

Monika Anna Zawadzka Varn- Strategic Planning

Max Agala –Marketing Director

Development Team:

Aba Nguyen- IT Project Manager

Abel Tran - Project Development Director

Brian Le - Blockchain core engineer

Garrus Ng- CDO

Le Tho- Solutions Architect

Minh Bui - AI Developer and Architect

Advisory board:

Ion Fintescu - Blockchain & Web3, Tokenonmics and Token Management Advisor

Reza Moradi - Project Management Advisor

Leandro Marcarian -Tokenomics Advisor

Mira Kim -Business consultation Advisory

Hakob Arshakyan - Blockchain Technical Advisor

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