Modules For Trainer

The Trainer Modules contain the following sections in VitalVeda application

Modules For Trainer

1. Splash screen

· A splash screen will be displayed on the launch of the app.

· Trainer will be able to view multiple splash intro screens for a couple of seconds before getting redirected to the Login Screen.

2. Register

For registration, Web3 technology will be used.

Registering using Web3 involves creating a new account or identity on a decentralized application of Vital Veda that is built on the Bep20 blockchain.

The registration process will contain below mentioned steps:

· The trainer will visit Vital Veda App that supports Web3 registration and will click on the register button.

· The app will prompt the trainer to connect their cryptocurrency wallet, such as MetaMask.

· The trainer clicks on the connect button and selects their wallet provider.

· If the trainer is not already logged in to their wallet, they will be prompted to do so.

· Once the trainer is logged in to their wallet, they will be prompted to authorize the connection with the Vital Veda App.

· The trainer will review the connection details and click on the approve button.

· The Vital Veda app now has access to the trainer's wallet account, which can be used to create a new account.


The trainer might have to provide personal information for completing the registration process.

3. Login

To log in, the trainer needs to connect the wallet to the app.

The login process will contain the below-mentioned steps:

· Open the app and select log in using a wallet or web3 provider.

· Connect the web3 wallet to the app by clicking on the "Connect Wallet".

· Once the wallet is connected, the app will display the wallet address or username as confirmation that the trainer has logged in.

4. Home screen

Trainers will be able to view the homepage: including briefs for the listings and recommended actions.

4.1 Profile & Settings

Trainers will be able to add/edit profile details. Trainers will be able to change basic information and password.

4.2 Notifications

Trainers will be able to view notifications for the following scenarios:

· Trainer will be able to view notifications when a user follows the trainer.

· Trainer will be able to view notifications. These alerts and notifications may be related to deals and offers.

4.3 View Rewards & Earnings

Trainers will be able to view Rewards & Earnings which they have earned.

4.4 Manage workout sessions

Trainers will be able to manage (View/ Add/ Edit/Delete) the training sessions.

Trainers will be able to create a session by adding the following fields:

· Select Category

· Session Name

· Select session type (Trial/ One week/ One month)

· Description

· Upload session video

The session video will be converted into an AR video and then will be uploaded.

The trainer will make an NFT of the session by using VVFIT.

5. Receive payment

Trainers will be able to receive payments using MetaMask. Cryptocurrency will be added to the Trainers wallet.

6. Logout

Trainers will be able to log out from the system.

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