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What are the current problems in Fitness App and Solutions VitalVEDA are offering to solve the current issues in the Fitness Market


As with fast Growing industry, many challenges are seen as a problem. Throughout our extensive research of the online workout app market, we have identified the common problems that this industry faces. Since the introduction of the Online Fitness app, there were too many choices and different applications released in the market and That create massive confusion for users as to which application can meet their expectations and which one is the best fit for their needs.

First, we came across these common problems in the workout app market:

  • No Auto correction system to send alerts to users for doing an exercise incorrectly.

  • Too easy to skip workouts as there is no back-end monitoring system to track.

  • A saturated app market and dismissing Human attention span as practically there is zero interaction with users to motivate users.

  • Data and Privacy Issues in a few reported occasions there were major Cyber security issues to protect consumer data.

  • Ongoing Membership cost and hiring fee as many times user's signup for app membership without making the best use of the service which subscribed for.

We have identified additional problems according to our business mission correlating more with VitalVeda concept once we identified our value proposition after doing extensive market research analyzing our competitors as follows:

  • No opportunity to train in the gym, our study indicates that reaching to Gym and spare time to attend is a challenge in today's busy lifestyle.

  • Lack of Knowledge in training programs and Exercise, no Clear guideline has been provided as to what program can be the best solution for individual needs.

  • No supervision and assistance during workout practice, no real monitoring and supervision and direct interaction with users to make sure to address all user's enquires.

  • No visible result, there is no system to report the progress and workout status to users to closely monitor their progress.

  • No motivation if you do not get any reward for your workout.

VitalVEDA Solutions:

After Identifying this issue and observing the market and also analyzing the competitors closely, VitalVeda has been born with an innovative idea to address all these issues and find viable and practical solutions to address these challenges in the Fitness market, here are the Key selling point for VitalVeda to allow creating the best solution to overcome all these issues:

  • Allow users to try before they buy the package so we make sure our solution will be widely available to all users with certain permission levels and limitations so they can test and try VitalVeda application before they decide to fully get engage with that as a consumer, they can keep continuing using the application for free as long as they are willing to sign up for the workout packages. Also, they keep paying to use their packages as it goes so there is no lock-up period for users to force them to pay an upfront fee for some time.

  • VitalVeda will ensure maintained Speed in the process of the functionality of the design program and reach to certain reliability level that the customer will gain trust to be a regular consumer of the application.

  • AI-assisted exercise tracking is the element that compares and matches the movements of the Fitness instructors and users together to assure that the User is doing the movement and exercises correctly, a voice-enabled assistance will guide the users and lead the trainee to follow the trainer.

  • AI Body scanning system assists to monitor the current Body status of the user and provides a comprehensive report and monitors the progress and changes over time while users are following the workout programs.

  • VitalVeda is a social platform in which Gamification and Fiti-fication is the main strategy implemented in our solution. As a level of interaction and engagement of users, it is important to know how to get consumers to engage and make sure that there will be motivation to drive them in what they desire to participate which here is the assurance that they keep themselves fit and healthy with elements that they can see their workout progress plus the accuracy and correctness of their workout exercise. The buddies feature is what VitalVeda offer as a solution to make sure that people are not alone in their journey, and they always can invite their friend to participate and enjoy healthy competition together.

  • The design and user interface and experience are so different to make sure that consumer has an easy journey and user flow to start the process and won't get lost in steps and create confusion to make them leave or give up the program. VitalVeda had extensive research on the Fitness and workout application in the market and performed a SWOT analysis on the competitors in the market based on that we have decided which solution fit the best for the consumer.

  • As The WEB3 solution, the onboarding solution is more straightforward for users to join and signup, practically there won't be any lengthy process of accruing customer detail and much other information to sign up a customer. VitalVeda solution connects the consumer to the platform through their digital wallet and there is no need of capturing and storing of credit card detail for any future financial transaction.

  • VitalVeda is more than just an online workout application, it is a collection of the best workout programs from instructors, fitness experts and professional athletes who are looking for an opportunity to introduce their best workout program and also generate extra income aside for themselves. VitalVeda is an online streaming video platform with a collection of many different routines to everyone's needs.

  • VitalVeda also will offer an in-app purchase feature so users can buy all the fitness essentials as it comes as an option.

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