How VitalVEDA Program works?

How The VVFIT reward system works?

By actively engaging in the planned workouts within VitalVEDA, participants can earn scores based on their performance and adherence to the program's guidelines. Here is a step-by-step guide on how VitalVEDA program function works:

First, rotate while recording a video to allow our AI to analyze the body. Our advanced AI generates a comprehensive analysis, providing valuable insights into your body. The analysis includes detailed assessments of your posture, alignment, range of motion, and muscle engagement, helping you understand areas that require improvement and optimizing your workout routine for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, the AI tracking technology identifies any potential imbalances or asymmetries, allowing you to target specific areas and work towards a more balanced physique.

Secondly, explore a wide array of training programs created by the best Instructors in the world on our cutting-edge social Video platform. The programs are categorized into type of exercise, intensity level, recommendation age, fitness level, etc.

Thirdly, prepare to play the program you have selected and follow the movements of the fitness instructor and our AI Tracking Technology guide to do the exercise correctly.

The participant's score is determined based on the accuracy of their movements, as detected by the AI-Tracking feature. This ensures that participants receive a fair and objective performance assessment, allowing them to track their progress and strive for improved movement precision.

After completing your workout, our performance dashboard will track your progress and detailed workout metrics. At the end, check your performance scoresheet to find out whether you have been listed on the leaderboard , where you can compete with other top performers and earn even more rewards for your achievements. Furthermore, participants can share their achievements and compare their performances with friends through our integrated social sharing features to showcase their progress and inspire others on their fitness journey.

VVFIT Liquidity Pool

The VitalVEDA ecosystem incorporates a dedicated Liquidity Pool for storing and managing VVFIT tokens. The tokens are obtained from program subscription fees and the VVFIT tokens spent on NFT program creation. The pool is a foundational infrastructure enabling seamless transactions and ensuring a constant supply of tokens within the ecosystem. It leverages smart contracts to perform the following functions:

  1. Rewards Distribution: Rewards distribution involves determining the amount of VVFIT tokens that will be awarded to the winners of a competition or event and then distributing those tokens from the token pool accordingly.

  2. Burning VVFIT: Burning VVFIT entails determining the portion or percentage of VVFIT tokens that will be permanently removed from circulation (burned) and establishing a schedule for when these token burns will occur.

  3. Income Revenue for Developers and Personal Trainers: The model involves allocating and disbursing the earnings or revenue generated from VitalVEDA activities to the developers and personal trainers involved in the platform, providing them with their respective shares or compensation.

  4. Revenue Stream for VitalVEDA Business: The revenue stream involves activities or mechanisms that help generate revenue for the VitalVEDA business, such as user subscriptions, partnerships, advertising, or other monetization strategies.

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