🟡Go To Market Strategy

Web3 Marketing is a new evolution in digital marketing.

Web3 Marketing is a new evolution in digital marketing. This shift will require marketers to invest more time and resources in understanding the different Web3 customer acquisition channels and developing strategies that cater to their needs. Traditional channels such as content marketing, SEO, and mobile marketing will still be relevant. Still, they will have to work alongside emerging technologies, such as NFTs and tokens, and emerging platforms, such as Discord and Telegram.

Stage One: Awareness

  • Promoting Social Media Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram & Medium

  • Community Management

  • Early stage Airdrop

  • Organic Article distribution

Target: 30k Members

Stage Two: Interest

  • Bounty Campaign

  • Global & Blockchain PR article Publishing

  • Crowd Marketing

  • Referral site Listing

  • Partnership Cooperation

Target: +100K Members

Stage Three: Conversion

  • Crypto Influencer

  • Fitness & Alethic Brand ambassador

  • Fitness community partnership

  • MVP Trial Testing Program

Target: +200k Members

Stage Four: Retention

  • 2nd Round Airdrop

  • Podcast & Video Production

  • Churn Rate & Acquisition Cost Analysis

  • Community Engagement

Target: +1000k Members

Who is the target market for VitalVEDA, and how does the company plan to capture this market?

Our target market includes tech-savvy individuals, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals seeking personalized and innovative fitness solutions. We plan to capture this market through targeted digital marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and creating a compelling presence in the emerging metaverse fitness community.

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