Modules For Users

The Users Modules contain the following sections in VitalVeda application

1. Splash screen

· A splash screen will be displayed on the launch of the app.

· Users will be able to view multiple splash intro screens for a couple of seconds before getting redirected to the Login Screen.

2. Register

For registration, Web3 technology will be used.

Registering using Web3 involves creating a new account or identity on a decentralized application Vital Veda that is built on the BEP20 blockchain.

The registration process will contain below mentioned steps:

· The user will visit Vital Veda App that supports Web3 registration and will click on the register button.

· The app will prompt the user to connect their cryptocurrency wallet, such as MetaMask.

· The user clicks on the connect button and selects their wallet provider.

· Once the user is logged in to their wallet, they will be prompted to authorize the connection with the Vital Veda App.

· The user will review the connection details and click on the approve button.

· The Vital Veda app now has access to the user's Crypto wallet, which can be used to create a new account.


The user also to provide personal information for completing a registration process.

3. Login

To log in, the user needs to connect the wallet to the app.

The login process will contain the below-mentioned steps:

· Open the app and select log in using a wallet or web3 provider.

· Connect the web3 wallet to the app by clicking on the "Connect Wallet".

· Once the wallet is connected, the app will display the wallet address or username as confirmation that the user has logged in.

4. Profile data

The user will be asked to enter the following details post-login:

· Select Country

· Age

· Height

· Weight

· Profile Picture

5. Home screen

Users will be able to view the homepage: including briefs for the listings and recommended actions.

5.1 Profile and Setting

· User will be able to view the categories added to the favorites and a list of followed trainers.

5.2 Notifications

OpenCV AI can provide the computer vision capabilities needed to trigger notifications based on real-world events captured by cameras. Users will be notified for the following: when new video/content appears in the selected category, their packages, their payments, and any updates.

5.3 View Rewards

· Users will be able to view the rewards which they have earned.

· Users can earn by participating in individual or group fitness programs, VV exercise, and game challenges.

· Users will earn rewards in the form of a token.

· The tokens will be used for additional in-game incentives and gamified mechanics all of which have a real impact on the player's in-game experience.

5.4 Past Workout History

Users will be able to view the history of the past workout:

1. Videos watched

2. Most Scored Videos

3. Most watched video category

5.5 View Updated Workout

Users will be able to view the newly added videos of the category added to the favorites.

5.6 Social workout platform

· The user will be able to view all the videos uploaded by the trainers.

· Users will be able to search for workouts and trainers by entering keywords.

· If the user searches for a trainer then the user will be able to view all the videos uploaded by the trainer.

· If the user has purchased the package then the user will be able to play the video or else a message will be prompted to buy a session package.

Note: Users will be able to filter search results based on categories, trainers, etc.

5.7 Subscription

There will option of authenticated users, Authenticated users have to purchase a session uploaded by the trainer to view/access the session content following the process by WEB3 wallet authentication. Subscribed users can access all the content.

5.8 Play to Earn

Users can earn by participating in individual or group fitness programs, VV exercise, and game challenges.

6. Workout listing page

Users will be able to view the list of featured workouts, in different categories in the form of cards

7. Work out the details page

The Workout brief details will include:

· Description

· cover picture

· Teaser video

· Exercise and get a score:

The user will play the video and start the workout, the camera will capture the motions and the user will get the score. The exercise scoring will be done by tracking the user’s movement.

· There will be a carousel for viewing similar workouts beneath the ‘similar Workout ‘title. The recommendation engine will recommend similar workouts based on the searched workouts.

8. Trainer detail page

The Trainer’s details will include:

· Trainer’s Personal Details

· Ratings

· Videos

· Physical Fitness Blogs

9. Video detail page

The Video brief details will include:

· Description

· Video

· Trainers Name

· Play Button

· The users can give their ratings and add comments in the description field.

10. Payment

Users will be able to purchase the packages using a Crypto wallet (MetaMask).

Note: To use MetaMask to make a payment. The user must have a MetaMask wallet installed and set up on their browser or mobile device. They must also have sufficient cryptocurrency balance in their MetaMask wallet to cover the cost of the package they wish to purchase.

11. Logout

Users will be able to log out of the system.

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