🟡Standout Features: Exercise & Earn

As part of our mission to enhance our user's physical fitness and make them healthy, they will participate in fitness-enhancing related challenges and workout plans,

VitalVEDA is a decentralised blockchain ecosystem combining AR & AI Technologies to create a virtual world full of people engaging in activities that can improve their overall well-being, such as health and fitness. As a result, VitalVEDA users may engage in physical activity-related programs with others from across the globe, players can earn rewards while staying healthy.

The tokens will be used for additional in-game incentives and gamified mechanics like metaverse, all of which have a tangible impact on the player's in-game experience. The token's usefulness will be realized via the formation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which can transform community input into community governance. Even the most casual gamer holding VVFIT tokens should have a voice in what happens with the VITALVEDA ecosystem.

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