Exercise by VitalVEDA Fitness Programs

How to Exercise & Earn Reward by VitalVEDA Fitness Programs

The objective of the VitalVEDA Metaverse Fitness program and games, along with the VVFIT token, is to create a self-sustaining growth mechanism that positively impacts the overall business of VitalVEDA. This is achieved by incentivizing deep player engagement and liquidity within the Metaverse through daily exercise and competitive challenges.

VitalVEDA aims to keep users motivated and actively involved in their fitness journeys by integrating fitness activities and gamification elements. The VVFIT token serves as a means of rewarding and incentivizing users for their participation, creating a virtuous cycle where increased engagement leads to more significant rewards and, in turn, further growth of the VitalVEDA ecosystem.

Instructors offer their fitness programs as NFTs, and users pay to access the program features. The use of smart contracts in NFTs enables content creators to patent their programs.

VitalVEDA provides a unique and secure way for users to purchase these premium offerings by leveraging the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This empowers users to personalize their fitness routines and supports fitness professionals by providing them with a platform to showcase their expertise and monetize their content.

VitalVEDA Leaderboard

VitalVEDA introduces a dynamic Leaderboard that showcases player achievements. This feature highlights the top performers across various fitness programs and exercises. VitalVEDA hosts regular competitions among the leading players in each program and exercise category to add an exciting element to the platform. Winners of these competitions are rewarded with VVFIT tokens as recognition for their exceptional performance and dedication.

The specifics of the competition, including the number of rewards and competition rules, are announced, ensuring a fair and transparent process. At the end of each competition period, the VVFIT rewards are distributed to the deserving winners, motivating players to actively engage and strive for excellence within the VitalVEDA community.

Reward Mechanism

Each VitalVEDA exercise program incorporates specific rules and guidelines for participation. These rules determine the scoring mechanisms based on individual performance within each program. For example, in the boxing program, the player's score can be determined by the number of accurate hits they achieve. In another program focused on movement sequences, the score may be based on the accuracy and follow-up of the prescribed movements, leveraging an AI movement detection system to ensure precise tracking and evaluation.

The player must attend the entire workout program session to qualify for Challenges. Users must select a program based on their preferences, with defined intervals programmed by fitness experts. The rules for each program are pre-programmed, and users receive advance notifications to ensure they are well-informed and can follow the guidelines seamlessly. This structured approach allows participants to engage effectively and benefit fully from the VitalVEDA fitness programs.

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