Participation Steps

Participants must follow these steps when using workout programs to qualify for rewards:

Step 1: Buy VVFIT Tokens

Participants buy VVFIT tokens from authorized VVFIT centralized or decentralized exchanges. They then spend the tokens to gain the rights to use NFT workout programs.

Step 2: Participating in VitalVEDA workout programs

After purchasing workout programs, players earn scores based on their performance and participation rules.

Step 3: Win in competition and earn VVFIT

Participants who achieve exceptional results or break records during competitions may be eligible for additional bonus rewards and recognition. The VVFIT earned through these competitions can be used for various purposes, such as purchasing exclusive in-game items, unlocking new levels or features, or even converting them into real-world rewards through partnerships with external brands.

VitalVEDA Club (coming soon)

This VIP club is reserved for exclusive active members who have reached a particular overall target of VitalVEDA score.

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