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Partners & Backers

Companies who help VitalVeda's to be on their mission!
The following Companies will provide their knowledge and experience to assist VitalVeda To Achieve its objectives:

Technology Support:

🎾Crypton & Studio

WEB3 Infrastructure Solution

⚽BNB Chain

Marketing and Promotion Partners

⚽PR Blockchain

Token Audit and security solution provider


Incubator and Accelerator Service


Token Security and Management

⚽YZ Networks

Market Marking


Defi Solution


Fundraising Launchpad and community Builder

🏀Apollo Capital
🏀Dao Starter
🏀Spores Netowrk
🏀Diviner protocol



Community Service Provider

⚽Latoken Growth Platform

Networking and Partner assistance

🏐Psalms Capital
🏐Star Venture

DEX aggregator service

🏐Sphynx Labs Official