The VitalVEDA project is to establish a unique platform that incorporates AR, VR, Blockchain technology & WEB3. The whole project is planned to be implemented in four stages over the next two years:

Q1 2022

  • New website design featuring more detail on the ecosystem
  • Mockup design for Training App
  • Mockup Design for NFT Shop
  • VV Conceptualization
  • Building the organizational structure
  • VVFIT & VVGame Building Dual tokens Mechanism
  • Develop VitalVeda Roadmap
  • structuring the VV Game and Training packages

Q2 2022

  • Building alliance partnership
  • Creating product Prototype Design
  • Developing the Whitepaper
  • Hiring Team
  • Building relationship with Technology partners
  • Promoting VV social media channels
  • Hiring Tokenomics Expert
  • Setting Up Project Management System

Q3 2022

  • Creating VitalVeda Community
  • Held Private sale Event
  • Create whitelist for presale
  • Research & Development on AI Fitness tracking Element
  • Creating Tokenomics Model Part One
  • Developing the first Phase of VV Financial and business plan
  • Vesting Schedule formation
  • Token Creation VVFIT
  • VVSW NFT Design and concept creation
  • Create company Pitch deck
  • Audit VVFIT Smart contract

Q4 2022

  • New exchange Listing Negotiation
  • Negotiating & Communicating with Launchpad Partners
  • Research and Development Part one
  • Completed Financial Modeling
  • Creating Tokenomics Model Part Two
  • Contacting Incubator and accelerator Partners

Q1 2023

  • Seed Fundraising stage
  • Research & Development Part Two
  • Planning to Build MVP
  • VVSM venue launch featuring a live set and Sport wearables NFT drop
  • INO Event
  • Partnership with Sportswear manufacturing & Designer
  • Assigning Incubator and accelerator Partner

Q2 2023

  • First NFT Sportswear marketplace partner with top sports cloth designer
  • Additional Training package & Game Release
  • VV VIP Club introduction
  • Build Opensea & Enjin VV Club VVSW NFT
  • IOS & Android Mobile application release
  • New Game & Training package release
  • Private sale Fundraising Event
  • MVP Release

Q3 2023

  • Additional Training package & Game Release
  • In-App Wallet integration
  • Multichain Upgrade
  • Public sale Fundraising Event
  • Listing in DEX
  • Listing in CEX
  • Full Program Release

Q4 2023

  • Launch VV Ecommerce site, selling Fitness IoT devices and accessories
  • Multichain Upgrade
  • In-App Wallet integration