How to Exercise & Earn By VV Fitness Programs:

The objective of VV metaverse Fitness program and games, the VVG token, and the VVSW Wearable(VitalVeda NFT) is to establish a flywheel growth to effect the business of VitalVeda which incentivizes deep player liquidity through daily exercise and challenge competition in the metaverse.
VitalVeda NFT Market will allow players to purchase VVSW Wearables and additional NFT items.

VVScore, Score Mechanism:

Each of the VV exercise programs has a set of rules to play and participate in, there are scoring mechanisms based on individual performance which will be accessed and decided by the rules assigned for each program. for instance, in boxing it will be determined by the number of accurate hits the player may have, other games are based on the accuracy and follow-up of the sequence movements or how the particular rhythm will be correctly followed by the player using AI movement detection system.
The usual session training is between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the program in which the user will participate as they need to attend the whole session of the workout program completely to be eligible to get a score. The player needs to select a particular weekly program, on the set define interval programmed by the fitness expert. the rules have been programmed and the user can follow that automatically by having advance notification.

How VVScore can Earn VVG:

Participant needs to earn a 1000 Score to be able to mint VVG Token. The following tasks need to be performed to be able to accumulate a Score:
  • Participation in VV Games and plan workouts.
  • Higher multiple scores if Participating at least in five VV programs in one week, the Player can decide on one or many programs. however, Players will earn more VVScore if decide to choose different games or do more than five workout plans in one week
  • The workout plan needs to be completed in full according to the rule of the game, all the program movement needs to follow and the assigned tasks need to get accomplished.
  • Five levels of VVSW wearables can be purchased from VV Market, the higher level the wearable is the more player can earn VV score.
  • VVscore can also be earned by Renting/delegating the VVSW to other players, the delegation is for a minimum of 72 hours and can be extended if both parties agreed and profit sharing is 60% for the VVSW owner and 40% for the delegator.

VVScore calculation Method:

VVscore=N(min(Gamepoint))XLevelNum(VVSW)VVscore=N(min(Gamepoint))X LevelNum(VVSW)
VVscore can be minted to the Game token VVG, score needs to reach to 1000 which can be minted to 100 VVG game tokens.
VVScoreX1000=VVGX100VVScore X 1000= VVG X 100

Weekly Leader Board:

VV will have Leader board listing players with the most Score achieved. VV will host a competition for the top 10 players of the month and will distribute Extra VVG tokens to the winner. the number of rewards and competition rules will get announced every month before the event commenced.