Participation Steps

Participants need to follow these steps to get eligible for a reward

Step One: Own VVSW (NFT) Or Renting VVSW(NFT):

Participants buy VVSW from VV NFT Market, Player spends VVG Token To buy VVSW wearable.
Step One

Step Two: Players Earn VVG By Participating VV Exercise program:

Players who owned a VVSW can earn VVG tokens by participating in the VV Programs, also, Players who want to play for free can delegate the VVSW from VVSW NFT wearable holders and split VVG rewards. The default is 60% VVG to the player and 40% VVG to the NFT owner, and the split increasingly flavors the owner as they upgrade the wearable to higher ranks. Delegation may be assigned individually for each wearable.
Players will earn a score based on performance and participation rules, Scores can change to VVG for trade or cash out.
Step Two

Step Three: Players Upgrade NFT by Burning VVG & Old NFT

The players will earn more score by upgrading Wearable level option, Players need to Burn VVG and burn the old NFT to get new VVSW wearable.
Step Three

VV VIP Club (coming soon):

This VIP club is for exclusive active members who can be reached a certain overall target of Total VV score. (Coming soon)