As with any young, developing industry, there are many challenges that are seen as a problem, throughout our extensive research with the online workout app market we have identified the common problems that this industry faces
Since the introduction of the Online exercise app, there were too many choices and different applications released in the market and That create massive confusion for users as to which application can meet their expectations and which one is the best fit for their needs.
First we came across with these problem in workout app market:
  • Both Parties need accountability.
  • Lack of correction when doing an exercise incorrectly
  • Too easy to skip workouts
  • A saturated apps market and dismissing Human attention span
  • Data and Privacy Issues
  • Ongoing Membership cost and hiring fee
We have also Identified additional problems according to our business mission correlating more with VitalVeda concept as follow:
  • No opportunity to train in the gym
  • Lack of Knowledge in training programs and Exercise
  • No supervision and assistance during workout practice
  • No visible result
  • No motivation if you do not get any reward for your workout