VV Sportswear NFT(VVSW)

VVSW Wearable NFT enable players to earn VVG by completing daily Fitness challenges by playing and exercising VV Fitness programs. Players may view, buy, and delegate their VVSW NFT wearables on the VV Account page and Marketplace:

Obtaining a VVSW:

The VVSW NFT will be distributed to the community via drops conducted on the VV marketplace, also VVSW can be obtained on a secondary marketplace such as Opensea at a later stage

Delegating a VVSW:

VVSW wearable holders may delegate their NFT to a player who wants to play and earn a revenue split of VVG rewards. The default is 60% VVG to the player and 40% VVG to the NFT owner, and the split increasingly flavors the owner as they upgrade the wearable to higher ranks. Delegation may be assigned individually for each wearable.

Upgrading a VVSW:

VVSW bonuses give players additional VVG based on top of their base VVG rewards earned through completing daily exercises challenges. A higher wearable rank corresponds to a higher VV Bonus. To upgrade a NFT wearable rank, the player must burn the adequate amount of VVG and burn the old NFT.